Destination Greece

Greece is one of the most visited countries in Europe, but paradoxically one of the least known. The birthplace of Western civilization and democracy, Greece fascinates not only by her numerous miraculously safeguarded archeological sites, a reminder of her outstanding history, but also because of her incomparable modern installations. As for the hotel infrastructure, it must match the surrounding architecture in order to preserve the harmony and beauty typical of each region. Greece offers great diversity, whether cultural, geographical or gastronomical. The relaxed lifestyle and warm welcome provided by the Greek people are undoubtedly an additional attraction which makes Greece unforgettable for those who have visited her.  

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Athens and surroundings


All at once ancient, classical, Byzantine, and modern, Athens is a timeless city. Working-class and historic neighborhoods coexist in a southern atmosphere complete with newsstands and strange traveling salesmen. The city’s recently built pedestrian streets have helped restore it to its original laid-back character, while the sea seems closer than ever thanks to the new tramway. Athens is a city to be discovered or rediscovered.   

  • An excellent hotel infrastructure with a wide price range. Interesting possibilities for conferences and seminars in very distinctive locations.  
  • A large variety of quality restaurants and taverns, with an extensive array of ambiances, from very chic to unusual or boisterous.
  • Numerous attractive locations which can be privatized.
  • Proximity to the port of Piraeus and other marinas for sea outings. The closest island is beautiful Aegina, only 30 minutes by boat.
  • An abundance of cultural, games and sports activities both in the city and its surroundings.

Seaside resorts around athens  

The Apollo coast  

Beautiful seaside resorts at Vouliagmeni (20 km from Athens) and Lagonissi (40 km from Athens) situated in a magnificent natural environment.  

  • An excellent luxury hotel and conference infrastructure.
  • A large choice of activities, the same as when based in Athens (with the possibility of having the cruises and regattas originate from the hotel marina; a beautiful 18-hole golf nearby; nautical activities, including SCUBA diving; proximity to Cape Sounion)


60 km from Athens, this lovely seaside resort boasts an excellent hotel and conference infrastructure and is a good financial alternative to the Apollo Coast.  

  • It is possible to start the cruises and regattas from the hotel marina and to spice up the itinerary by crossing the impressive Corinth Canal.
  • Lovely excursion possibilities (discovery of the one the most beautiful port cities of Greece and other legendary surprises, both known and unknown…).
  • Memorable nautical and all-terrain activities departing from hotel.

One can combine the stay with one or two nights in Athens.  


With its small harbor, sparkling white village and houses featuring loggias suspended over the waves, Mykonos has largely contributed to the global reputation of the Cyclades. Endless fine sand beaches, a picturesque country village, a beautiful back country and closeness to the marvelous island of Delos complete this idyllic picture. Cosmopolitan and unique, the island undergoes an interesting metamorphosis at nighttime…  

  • Mykonos possesses a high-end hotel offering, often built in the Cycladic architectural style and pleasantly personalized in a « Zen » style, and a good infrastructure for conferences for small or mid-sized groups.
  • An abundance of games, sports and nautical activities. Sea outings can be combined with cultural excursions. Diverse and tempting shopping in a pleasant atmosphere and superb environment.
  • Mykonos is an island that revels in its excesses, but is quieter after September 20 and before June 20. It seduces all kinds of curious and demanding customers.


Approaching the island from the sea offers one of the most impressive spectacles of the Cyclades: apocalyptic cliffs and villages clinging, as if by magic, to the summits. Indigo blue seas, gray soil, petrified lava, red rocks, black pebble beaches… The history of Santorini is that of a volcano whose eruption 3500 years ago submerged three-quarters of its territory. Its legend is none other than that of Atlantis…  

  • A good, reasonably priced hotel infrastructure, with medium-capacity units
  • The villages of Oia and Fira offrer a breathtaking view of the « Caldera ». The sunsets are truly magical.
  • Unexpected marine activities
  • Wine trail, « black-white-red » beaches tour and cultural excursions.


« The island of flowers », pearl of the Dodecanese, boasts a very pleasant climate. A true crossroads of civilization, the link between the East and the West, Rhodes offers numerous attractions: varied landscapes, archeological riches from all periods, but also welcoming coasts, magnificent beaches and large forests.

  • Rhodes possesses an excellent and upscale hotel and conference infrastructure with a large capacity
  • The island is ideal for high-level, short-term conferences and seminars for large groups.
  • It offers some lovely excursions, entertainment and cultural activities, including cruises to neighboring islands.
  • The general demeanor of the island is relatively « formal » and is therefore better adapted to congresses and conferences than incentive travel.


At the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Crete is an exceptional island in the Greek archipelago. The birthplace of the beautiful and peaceful Minoan civilization, it still retains superb traces of its glorious history: Venetian fortresses and palazzos, mosques and minarets, Byzantine churches, monasteries… A varied and oversize land of plenty, rich in wild landscapes, Crete seduces visitors with the power of her traditions and the irresistible character of her inhabitants.  

  • An excellent upscale hotel infrastructure with a diverse price range. A large conference infrastructure.
  • A perfect location for seminars, conferences and incentives, whatever the group size and length of stay.
  • A great variety of sports, cultural and marine excursions and entertainment possibilities.

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