Greece has an obvious cultural inheritance, which attracts many visitors each year.

Travel into the hart of antiquity : We propose to you to discover the famous and imposing archeological sites like Delphi, Olympia, Mycenae, Epidaurus of course the Acropolis of Athens and the temple of Poseidon at the Cape Sounion.

The fatherland of Alexander the Great : North of Greece and Greek Macedonia. In addition to the visit of Thessalonica, you will discover the ancient famous sites of Dion, Vergina, and Pella with a prolongation to the site of Amphipolis, city of exile of the family of Alexander the Great.

On the steps of Saint Paul : The biblical trip will guide on the places where Saint Paul preached from the city of Philippi in the North of Greece where he gave his first sermon till Athens where he lived during two years.

Under the spotlights of cycladic islands : This trip is devoted to discover the most famous cycladic islands: Mykonos the starlight, Paros the flowered, Naxos the humble or the amazing Santorini. So many attractive islands located in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

The Minoan Crete and the apocalyptic Santorini : You will discover the great Minoan civilization through many archeological sites in Crete, then Santorini island full of emotion with its white and blue little villages up on the cliff. Santorini is also known as one of the legends of Atlantis.


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